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Troublemaker (Troublemaker Troublemaker)

Troublemaker (Troublemaker Troublemaker) by Alex Evanovich, Janet Evanovich and Joelle Jones
ISBN: 1595827226 | PDF | 6.24 MB | 216 pages | Dark Horse (July 5, 2011)

Janet Evanovich’s first foray into the world of graphic novels brought her prose characters Alex Barnaby and Sam Hooker from the hit Barnaby series (Metro Girl and Motor Mouth) to living color. Now the complete story from Troublemaker Book 1 and Book 2 is collected into one beautiful, softcover edition! Barnaby and Hooker are together again and fighting crime, leaving a trail of chaos, panic, and disorder in their wake. Some would say they were drawn towards trouble like a moth to a flame. Others would claim friends, Rosa and Felicia, dump trouble in Barnaby and Hooker’s lap. Either way, they’re in over their heads when Rosa is kidnapped and her disappearance is linked to a dangerous Voodoo priest and his search for a mystery-drenched stolen statue. Written by Janet and Alex Evanovich, and illustrated by Joelle Jones (Dr. Horrible, Token), Troublemaker brings ultimate adventure set in sun-filled Miami.

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